Here are some of the things that inspire me either as an artist or as a person.

David Binney, with whom I played in Sienna, taught me an awful lot about composing and improvising and keeps inspiring me with his music. If you ever have the chance to see him perform live please do because he is amazing!

In this video two of the people that helped me and pushed me to find my way while studying at the Fontys conservatory Tim Langedijk and Udo Pannekeet. They've taught me about the basics of music and especially groove and silence.

Nature and especially the sea and the beach always inspire me and help me to find peace and quite before after or while working on compositions.

Alberto Burri one of Italy's greatest artists made a sculpture over the town Gibellina on Sicily, this sculpture and several of his painting always inspire me to think small and keep in mind that you can realize big impact with small or simple ingredients.

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