Peer Thielen, born 1990, was raised in a theatre-family where improvising and playing music where imbedded in everyday life. Peer was always in the corner of the rehearsal space or in the backstage area of theatre’s this meant he grew up knowing how to behave and interact in a creative and performance environment. Peer was highly influenced by the music of Stevie Wonder and Joe Jackson and when he turned eight he started playing guitar. But it was only after seeing Jim Hall and Jesse van Ruller play a Duo at ‘de Doelen’, Rotterdam he decided to focus on improvisation and Jazz.
After studying at the Conservatory of Tilburg, with Jeroen van Vliet, Edoardo Righini and Udo Pannekeet, Peer was eager to focus on composing and started studying at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen where he has lessons with Micheal Moore, Tineke Postma and Paul Berner. Part of this program consists of a semester in New York and experiencing the music scene there.
During his time in NYC Peer has tried to find and define his own voice. This resulted in a big change in his compositions and his playing. A recording of this milestone, his search for new and exciting music, is going to be released fall of 2016.

Since 2015 Peer is part of the Ageeth de Haan Band, together with Vinsent Planjer and Frans Groen they’re playing in theatre’s throughout The Netherlands. Now working towards a new Christmas program for ‘De Doelen’ with Yannick Hiwat. 

Peer has become a valued part of the band of comedian Roel C. Verburg and since 2011 he has played and recorded three albums with Roel and his band. 

After a short tour to Turkey as a substitute, Peer is now a full member of Balkan-band Amariszi. With this eight headed band they're trying to conquer the hearts of balkan, swing and ska lovers all through Europe. They’re always trying to have a blast, dance and party.

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